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Rockville MD Chiropractor

Chiropractic Care for Supporting Healthy Families

Experience the Healing Hands difference. Our practice has a number of treatments and options for you to help optimize mobility and overall health for all ages and stages of life. 

Family Focused

Chiropractic and Wellness Therapies for All Stages of Life


Webster technique and other methods can help manage pain, improve general comfort and range of motion, and help position baby for an easier delivery.


Support your child's overall health and well-being with regular visits. Pediatric Chiropractic has been known to improve sleep, immunity, and posture.

For All Ages

Chiropractic is great choice for all ages including older adults by promoting pain relief, helping improve mobility, and support overall well-being.

Learn how we can support you and your family. Please contact us with your questions.

Supporting Your Health

Health Conditions We Help Manage

Neck and Back Pain Injuries

Headaches and Migraines


Disc Injuries

Arthritis Pain


TMJ Disorders

Sports Injuries

Carpal Tunnel

Shoulder and Arm Pain

Plantar Fascitis

Back Pain during Pregnancy

Learn about all of our techniques and therapies that help you get moving.  View techniques here

Ready to embark on your journey to reduce your pain and improve movement?

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We process most major insurance plans and participate with Medicare

Chiropractic care is an essential part of overall health and wellness, and is therefore usually covered by insurance.

If you do not have insurance or would like to pay out of pocket, self payment options are available. Healing Hands takes all major credit cards and personal checks for payment. 

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